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Utilities Supplies
Laddermate - Ladder Safety Strap
Laddermate is a unique ladder safety product specifically designed to stabilize a straight or extension ladder when used on a utility pole (or other cylindrical object such as a light pole, piling, I-beam post, etc). When properly used, Laddermate effectively eliminates the destabilizing "twisting" motion most responsible for ladder-on-pole mishaps. Laddermate is quick and easy to use making elaborate, time-consuming rope lash methods obsolete. The first telephone operating companies to fully implement Laddermate, found that ladder accidents were reduced by sixty percent! 

The Red Laddermate top strap quickly secures the tip of the ladder to a pole or stand and provides an extra level of safety and stability when used with the LM100.

The Laddermate safety strap is produced with specially woven military specification canvas material with mildew inhibitors and a wear indicator thread imbedded in the webbing and also uses reliable military specification hardware.

Tested by an independent laboratory, the Laddermate ladder safety strap also meets OSHA requirements for ladder safety.

​Description - Laddermate
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​Laddermate - Yellow Bottom Strap
​  $59.37  
Laddermate - Yellow Bottom Strap with Storage Bag
​Laddermate Storage Bag
​Laddermate Storage Bag with Snap Hook
​  $79.00  
​  $13.25  
​  $16.50  
​Laddermate - Red Top Strap
​Laddermate - Red Top Strap with Storage Bag
​  $59.37  
​  $72.21  
Ladder Wedge
Our Ladder Wedge is made of durable hardwood construction, painted finish. Hardened steel feet provide non-slip footing on slippery or uneven terrain.
​Ladder Wedge
​  $87.99  
Utility Tools
Fiberglass Sections - Heavy duty fiberglass tubing make these handles the strongest, lightest, and most durable professional pruner handles available. Fiberglass affords many times the service life of wood handles, making them the best value for the professional user. The seamless aluminum ferrules mate with all standard attachments and can be used together with standard 1-1/4" diameter wood handles. Special surface treatment prevents "blooming" of glass fibers if dented. Safety yellow color.

Wood Sections - Octagon shaped wood handles are fitted with interlocking seamless aluminum ferrules. Handles are provided in various lengths and configurations to fit virtually any task. Both extension sections and handles are 1-1/4" diameter and mate with fiberglass sections. Long handles are one piece with one end tapered for head. Many accessories available.
Pruner Sections
Item Number
​Fiberglass Extension - 1-1/4" x 6'
​Wood Extension - 1-1/4" x 6'
​Wood Head Section - 1-1/4" x 6
​Wood 802 Head Section w/ 812A Saw
​Wood Head Section - 1/14" x 2'
​Fiberglass Extension - 1-1/4" x 3'
Pruner Heads, Adapters and Saws
Item Number
Saw Head w/Saw Blade
10" Tapered Head Adapter w/Male Ferrule
10 Straight Head Adapter w/ Male Ferrule

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