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Made in the USA by FLEXSTAKE.

GS100 SERIES - Glare Screen

GS can take repeated impacts at 35 mph, 55 mph, and even 80 mph. Our posts typically withstand 75 or more automotive impacts at 55 mph.

Height:                18", 24", 30" & 36" paddle height 
Rail Lengths:       10 and 12ft. sections 
Weight:               3.5 to 3.8 lbs. Per foot
Paddle Colors:     Green and Gray 
Paddle Mounting: Pop & go, no bolts required
Rail:                    Pop & 4 to 6 lag bolts per section

With its pop-and-go design, FlexStake Glare Screen GS is literally a snap to install. When fully assembled, GS weighs only 13 lbs. per 12 foot section, so rails can be popped together off-site and hand carried to the barrier. FlexStake GS needs only four to six mounting studs per section, so labor and exposure to traffic are minimal. GS rails can be mounted on any rigid surface. GS's narrow-paddle, all-copolymer design is the most price competitive glare screen on the market.

FP770 Series - Flex Plus Signs

Height:          36" 48" 60" 72" 84" Surface Mount Post
Colors:          W, Y, O
Signs:           Engineer & Diamond Grade Sheeting
Base Weight: 32 lb

This flexible stand is designed to take multiple hits with little damage to stand or vehicle. Perfect for parking garages, parking lots and school and pedestrian crossings. Can also be permanently attached to concrete using anchors/bolts without rubber base. 

Available plastic signs (sold separately) include: 
Custom 12"x18"
Handicap 12"x18"
Directional 12"x18"
No Parking 12"x18"
Custom Square 18" 
DO NOT ENTER Square 18"
 YIELD Triangular 18" 
STOP 18" Octagon 
Pedestrian Crossing 12"x36" 
GR100 SERIES - Guard Rail Delineator Barrier 

Flexible guardrail delineators provide impact resistance from wide loads, overhanging maintenance equipment, mowers, etc.. 

A. The post is made of a polycarbonate material which shall be resistant to impact, ultraviolet light, ozone, hydrocarbons, and shall be self-erecting after impacts. Polycarbonate post shall remain dimensionally stable from -150 deg. F (brittleness point) to +285 deg F (melting point). 

B. Post shall remain intact up to fifty impacts at temperatures from -30 deg. F to 130 deg. F 

C. The minimum width of the post shall be 3" and the maximum wall thickness shall be 0.180". Lengths will be specified on order. Posts are provided with predrilled holes to facilitate ease in mounting. 

D. The posts shall be opaque white, yellow, red, green, orange, blue, brown, and grey in color. They shall be colorfast and shall be designed to provide an essential convex surface to accommodate a 3" wide reflective sheeting on both sides. Sheeting shall meet DOT specifications and will be specified on order. 


12" x 6" flexible sign substrate consisting of three yellow reflectors, each with a dimension of approximately 3" arranged horizontally mounted to polycarbonate post with a polymer hinge attaching post to anchor. Anchor may barbed for soil conditions or surface mounted for concrete/asphalt.

Composed of polyethylene, polyurethane and polycarbonate. Entire assembly is made of over 40% by weight recycled post-consumer material.

Manufactured 100% in the U.S.A. 

Delineate raised islands or gore areas. 

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