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Our Airport Flag is 36" X 36" orange and white sewn nylon airport flag w/stitched pocket for mounting to a pole (max. diameter of 3/4"). Meets FAA AC 150-5210-5C & AC150-5200-18C standards

Ask for item AF1    $13.55 ea
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Airport Industry - L853 Taxiway Marker

FlexStake makes markers that are particularly well suited for airport use. Because of their ability to withstand multiple traffic hits at up to 80 mph and are used on runways and taxi strips. At speeds up to 80 mph, these posts can be run over by a plane without damage to landing gear or post.

​The markers come in RED, WHITE, BLUE, GREEN and ORANGE and come in heights of 19", 24", 30" and 36". Markers can be placed on top of surface or inserted into the ground and have 360 degree visibility. The reflective wrap in 14" from the top of the post. Posts come complete ready for installation. Replacement posts are available.

When ordering please specify POST COLOR, REFLECTIVE COLOR, HEIGHT and if the marker is a GROUND /SOIL MOUNT or SURFACE MOUNT.
Ground / Soil Mount (L853) 
Flexstake A650
Surface Mount (L853)
Flexstake A750
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Airport Safety
Other Products That May be of Interest to You
Airport Low Profile Barrier / Barricade
Airport Flag
Multiple stacking lugs keep units in place while stacked for transportation or storage.

Barricade has two fill holes and one drain hole and can hold up to 
220 lbs (26 gallons) of water.

  • Dimension - 8'L x 10"H
  • Weight - 25 lbs
  • FOD (foreign object debris) Free
  • FAA Advisory Circular No. 150/5370-2F compliant
Plasticade's Lo-Pro Airport Barricade is a low-profile interlocking barricade system used to close taxiways, runways, and delineate construction areas and is made is the USA!

​These units interlock with the connectors molded into the barricade bottom which means no pins to lose! The units can pivot in multiple orientations between 90 and 180 degrees.

The molded reinforcing ribs add stiffness and strength and they have enhanced the wall thickness on the bottom of the barricade. Bottoms also have recessed areas for forklift access.

Sidewalls can accept 72"L x 6"H continuous retro-reflective sheeting and are angled at 7 degrees to facilitate visibility.

This Low Profile Airport Barricade also comes with two flag mounts and accepts two styles of lights - 360 degree round screw on airport lights and standard bolt on barricade lights.

Item Number
Low profile water filled barricade - Orange - NO Sheeting
Low profile water filled barricade - Orange - High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting
Low profile water filled barricade - Orange - Diamond Grade Sheeting
$ 103.50
$ 139.20
$ 96.75
$ 89.60
$ 178.55
$ 131.95
$ 169.95
$ 123.20
$ 157.90
Water Fill Holes with Screw On Caps
Double as 360 degree Round Airport Light Receptacles
360° Red LED Airport Light 

Solar powered flashing light illuminates automatically in low light photocell sensitivity - 100-250 lux 
4 LED bulbs 50-55 flashes per minute
Standard 2" straight pipe thread for each installation
Screws onto airport barricade, no bolts needed (takes 2 lights)

$34.50 ea
Airport Barricade Flags

20" x 20" High Visibility PVC Safety Orange Flags
​Comes with 3/4"D, 38"L wood dowel
  Version with black stiffener strip to keep flag open, coming soon
  Airport Lo-Pro Barricade takes two flags

$9.00 ea
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Local - 1-574-287-0252
Fax - 1-574-234-5066
Hours 7:30 to 5:30 EST
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Aircraft Wheel Chocks

Chocks are made of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and will not compress, warp, chip, or crack. Our chocks are UV, oil, and weather resistant.

24 lbs, 48 lbs./pair
24"W x 7"D x 5.5"H
Width fits against tire.

Yellow Rope Connect Option
Yellow Rope Handles On Each Chock Option
Vinyl Tubing Over Yellow
Rope Handles Option
1-49 pairs
1-49 pairs
1-49 pairs

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