Reflective Pavement Markers are designed for use in construction zones and as a permanent edge line marker. A variety of colors and sizes is available. Our most popular pavement marker, PM-24 comes in Crystal or Amber and has 1.3 sq inches of reflective area per side.  

Spot hydrants from 1000 feet away with our Reflective Hydrant Markers. Each marker has brilliant blue reflective lenses that alert your FIRE-TEAM to each hydrants location. Save precious seconds when it counts most, and get water on the blaze as quickly as possible. The marker is placed directly opposite each hydrant, either on the road center line or right hand lane line. The Hydrant marker has an approx. size of 4" x 4" x ¾" and a reflex area of 1.6 square inches per side 

All markers are easily installed with epoxy adhesive.
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(all pavement markers are sold in quantities of 100)
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Speed Bumps and Car Stops

Reflective Pavement & Hydrant Markers
Whether you call them Speed Humps or Speed Bumps, ours are made using recycled rubber with a virgin rubber overlay, the overlay protects crumb rubber from wear. This speed bump is designed for speeds up to 15 mph and conforms to surface contour. The molded in stripes are made of yellow road marking tape. Dual bottom channels for drainage protects wire, hose or pipe up to 3/4". Can be used in asphalt or concrete installation and cuts with a utility knife if necessary. Sold in 6' lengths with 3 yellow stripes and weights 60 lbs. End Caps are sold separately. 

​Car Stops are made with recycled rubber, with 4 reflective yellow stripes. Can be used in asphalt or concrete installation, will not crack, chip or warp. Car Stops are 6' in length and weigh 40 lbs.
​Description - Speed Bumps

Price 1-5

Price 6-20
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​6' Speed Bump only, NO hardware
​Item Number
​6' Parking Stop with hardware kit for concrete installation
​6' Parking Stop with rebar spikes for asphalt installation
​6' Parking Stop, NO hardware
​Description - Parking Stops
​Speed Bump End Cap
​6' Speed Bump with hardware kit for concrete installation
​6' Speed Bump with rebar spikes for asphalt installation
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